The History of Hoover Hardware

In October of 1963, Marvin and Harriett Hoover bought P.S. King Hardware, a store that had been in existence under various owners since the late 1800’s. With three employees and a good reputation for products and service, so began Hoover Hardware and Gift Shop. The main floor was hardware, the second floor was a gift shop and out back was a plumbing shop in another building. The store was a success.

The next change came in 1980 when Marvin and Harriett received word from their son Rick, stating he would like to come back and work in the family business after graduating from Penn State University. Rick became the manager and a partner in 1983 and started right away by purchasing an old Farmers Union building in the back lot for product storage. He then started to remodel the plumbing building with an addition and adding a lawn and garden showroom. This was just the beginning of many changes to come.

In 1986, the decision was made to join the hardware co-op, HWI, in order to have a more complete source for products. By Spring 1992, the store was busting at the seams with inventory and sales were consistently increasing. The opportunity to purchase the rest of the block presented itself and the most significant changes to the store were underway. A new store concept from HWI appeared in downtown Troy as Hoover Hardware Do it center. As the business grew, so did their presence in the downtown area. Rick was able to purchase another neighboring property and further expand the product line and service to his customers. The new building included the start of the rental center and the sales of Stihl power equipment and small engine repair shop. With the new changes, they were also able to increase the plumbing and hardware departments.

As all of the physical changes were happening, Hoover’s expanded into the Industrial and Commercial sales area, which was supported with a catalog and representatives through Do it Best Corp.In 2001, Hoover’s had the opportunity to expand into the lumber business when additional property became available behind the plumbing building. Hoover Hardware was now a one-stop building center.

Today, Hoover’s business is moving forward with over twenty employees and an aggressive attitude in inside and outside sales. They are constantly adding new departments within the store, like the recently opened clothing department on the second floor of the main building and expanding the garden department to include patio and decorative blocks.

The original store motto was “The Store of Three Wonders – You wonder if we have it! We wonder where it is! Everybody wonders how we find it!”. This brings us forward to the new and exciting future of Hoover Hardware Do it center. The strength of the InCom department from Do it Best Corp. has allowed us to expand into Hoover Industrial Supply – a division that has committed to bring “Products That Will Stand The Test Of Time” to the northern tier of Pennsylvania and the southern tier of New York. The major focus of Hoover Industrial Supply is in the sales and service of the Nudura building technology, the top ICF in the industry, and Creatherm, an insulated pex tube panel. We thrive on innovative and resource responsible products that will save time and money, while not sacrificing quality. The whole staff at Hoover Hardware/Industrial Supply looks forward to serving you the best way possible now and in the future.

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